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StarSign Brings Couples Together

4. April 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Searching for a match made in heaven? Give StarSign® a try! This fun feature will introduce you to dozens of women, one who just might be your zodiac match.



StarSign is a zodiac compatibility tool that helps members search for potential matches using Western or Chinese astrology systems. In short, Western astrology features twelve zodiac signs, each characterized by distinct personality traits. Chinese astrology is a twelve-year cycle, each featuring a different animal. Like Western zodiac signs, animals in Chinese astrology represent specific characteristics.  


How To Use StarSign

To find a zodiac match, visit RLM’s Advanced Search Page and adjust the “Zodiac Compatibility” percentage. Your choices range from 50 – 90%. You can also search for specific signs in the “Astrology Sign” and “Chinese Zodiac” boxes.


To assess your zodiac compatibility with a lady, simply click the “Astrology Sign” or “Chinese Zodiac” buttons on her profile. This will reveal your zodiac compatibility rankings, the advantages and challenges of building a relationship with a woman of a particular sign, as well as your overall chances of success. Members can also view their "Combined Overall Compatibility Rating” at the bottom of the screen.


StarSign Results

Though astrology certainly has its skeptics, millions of people around the globe swear by the power of the stars. As you may have noticed from their profiles, many Russian and Ukrainian women believe in the concept of fate and destiny and fate and feel zodiac signs can provide valuable clues about love and relationships. Whether you believe in astrology or not, StarSign can introduce you to dozens of women you might never otherwise meet and help you break the ice with a potential match. 


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