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Simple Ways to Send Russian Ladies Your Love

9. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Long distance relationships can be tough, especially during holidays. Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate and reinforce your love connection with your special sweetheart, but how can you do that when your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend is thousands of miles away?


You have probably already thought of sending a gift or writing a love poem, but here are some more simple ways to share your long distance love with your favorite lady.


Lots of Love Notes  

Why wait until February 14th to send a special email? You can start now and send a special message each day, telling her all of the reasons that you think she’s amazing. You can also imagine that you are spending this holiday together and describe the fun and romantic activities that you would share. Some long distance couples dress up in what they would wear on their Valentine’s Day date and send the photos to each other.


Do Something Different  

If you have a hard time telling your lady exactly what you love about her, consider a different and creative way. One example is to describe her qualities you adore by choosing words that start with each letter of her name. You can also expand on the name theme by researching the history and origin of her name. This is a cute and simple way to flatter her and really show how much you appreciate her.


Share Love Stories  

If you can’t be together to listen to love songs or watch romantic movies, the next best thing is to talk about them. Share some lyrics of your favorite ballad, or discuss the best parts of your favorite movies or books. You may find you have more similar interests in common, or learn new things about your Russian lady.


Some studies predict there are over 10 million couples engaging in long distance relationships. Communication is the key to staying interested and connected to your sweetheart. Extra emails and chats during this time can ease the pains of being apart. Stay positive and think towards the future of when you and your Russian lady will be together forever!