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Should I Send Money to My Russian Honey?

20. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

At times, men will be tempted to send money to sweethearts in Russia or the Ukraine. However, this is rarely a good idea. While some ladies may indeed have a legitimate reason for needing cash, foreign suitors should be extremely careful about sending money to someone they've never met.

RussianLoveMatch prohibits female members from asking, or even hinting for, money or gifts. This is no casual, unenforced rule. We require all of our ladies to state, on camera, that they will never request money from members and the ladies must also sign a written agreement stating the same. If there is clear evidence that a lady has violated this agreement we will remove her profile from our site. We also encourage members to report any scamming suspicions, no matter how speculative, and we investigate all claims. RussianLoveMatch is dedicated to providing a safe and secure dating environment free of scams and solicitation. This is one reason so many gentlemen turn to RLM for their Russian dating needs.

Gentlemen who wish to do something special for a lady should consider purchasing a gift from the RussianLoveMatch gift shop or sending a virtual card, rather than sending cash. While it may tempting to send a few bucks, doing so as risky as there is no way to ensure the lady is using the money for its intended purpose or that she’s even the recipient at all. 

Thinking of sending money to your Russian honey? Don't! Sending funds to anyone other than a fiance is almost always a bad idea, and even then gentlemen should proceed with caution.