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Scared About Russian Women Scammers?

26. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Fortunately, the internet gives men the opportunity to meet wonderful women from all over the world. Unfortunately, it has also provided an anonymous forum for people to rapidly spread rumors about international dating.


Scam stories can be found online about women from almost every country, yet the sheer beauty of Russian and Ukrainian women cause them to receive the most attention, therefore they seem to get picked on the majority of the time.


One worry that men have about women on Russian dating sites is that they are not really the girls they see in the photos. quickly addresses this concern by implementing an extensive validation procedure that women must go through before being allowed to join the site. Women must provide identification documents, as well as confirm her identity on a video recording. They must also agree verbally and in writing that they are not being paid to use this service, will not ask for money or gifts from the gentlemen, and that they are truly single ladies whose only intentions are seeking soul mates online.


Another way that men can see for themselves if a lady’s photos are an accurate depiction of her is with live video streaming. Every day hundreds of Ukrainian brides are available to chat live on web cams so men no longer have to wonder if they’re real. Even with this thorough screening process in place, some men still worry that scammers will slip through the cracks.


Just like on any internet dating site, users need to apply some common sense when meeting new people online. If a man receives several requests for gifts or money, or feels there are any other suspicious behaviors, then he just needs to contact customer service and they will investigate the situation. If any women are found violating the policies of the site, they will be promptly removed.


Unlike competing Russian dating sites, works diligently to ensure the ladies are sincere in their quest for love. Much of the rumors and hearsay that is seen online has been fabricated by those competing sites that just can’t match up to their high standards. Rather than worry and wonder about Russian women scam stories, men just trust their instincts and sign up for memberships on Some may discover that this type of international matchmaking isn’t for them, while many others will find their perfect match.