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Say "Da" to Russian

3. December 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Want to show your Russian love match that you care? Learn a little of her language.


She won't expect you to gain instant fluency, but if you learn a handful of phrases for email and chat, your hot Russian correspondent will be impressed and touched! 


The table below will get you started.


Pri vyet Hi
Myenya zovut My name is
Ochyen’ priyatno Nice to meet you
Kak vas zovut? What is your name? (Formal)
Kak tyebya zovut? What do they call you? (Informal)
Iz kakogo ti goroda? What city are you from?
Ti takaya privlek A tel naya You are so pretty
PokA Good-bye


By taking the time to learn a few phrases in the Russian language, you are letting her know that you are interested in both her and her culture. Since a women usually recognizes when a gentlemen takes the time and effort to do something nice for her, she is often times impressed. And she'll love your cute accent!


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