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Save Money with a Premium Membership

11. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met sexy "SweetSour"?

Some men hear “premium” and think “expensive”. However, the premium memberships on are actually affordable and complete with benefits that help gentlemen save money!


For as little as $9.99 per month, premium members get discounts on chats and gifts, can open unlimited incoming emails, and can send free outgoing emails!


Cheaper Chats!

Dating Russian women online requires some proper courting. This means lots of communication and some thoughtful tokens of your appreciation. Premium members receive 50% off instant messaging and live video chat so they can enjoy this fast, fun method of getting to know the ladies without worrying about watching the clock. When you’ve found some ladies that you’d like to flatter by sending them gifts, you’ll also enjoy a 25% discount off anything in the gift shop!


Read Unlimited Emails!

With so many beautiful Ukrainian brides composing creative emails, guys can go through credits pretty quickly just from reading them all. Some prefer to skip over some just to save credits. Luckily, premium members don’t have to pick and choose which ones to read because they can open unlimited emails without spending a single credit! Open as many emails as you can to find the right woman!


Send More Emails!

While it’s nice to be pursued by the ladies for a change, reading and replying to their emails, gentlemen also enjoy being the first to say hello and selecting some Russian girls to introduce themselves to. Introduction emails are a fast and easy way to cast your love lines and see if you get some nibbles. Premium memberships include a certain number of free introduction (and follow-up) emails so you can pursue some ladies without depleting your credit balance.


Another benefit of all of the memberships at is that translation of every instant message and email is always included at no extra charge! Some international dating sites charge fees per letter or per minute of chatting, but we know how important communication is to meet the right match and we’re happy to include this essential service for our members.


The more ladies you meet online, the faster you'll find the one to spend the rest of your life with! Experience these benefits for yourself and upgrade your membership today!