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Russia's Lovers' Lane

11. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Every place has it's storied romantic "It" spot. In Saratov, Russia, the Love Monument on the Embankment is a must-see for lovers and lonelyhearts alike. 


Saratov is a southern port city best known as the birthplace of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, art and culture, and high-tech research that was so secret the city was closed to tourists until 1991. But now, it's opened its arms to the world and drawn legions of lovers to its giant riverfront sculpture.


Lovers had long flocked to this picturesque spot along the Volga to hold hands, propose and dream. But in 2000, the government erected a giant curving statue of two lovers facing each other. Immediately, it became a lucky place for finding and keeping romance.


Singles come here to wish for a hit by Cupid's arrow and perhaps meet other lonely people. Sweethearts drink in the romantic ambiance. Newlyweds' motorcades make a stop for pictures and kisses after their ceremonies to bring luck them luck.


Almost always, the sculpture is covered with tokens of thanks and hope: ribbons, balloons, dolls and teddy bears.


If you find your Russian love match in Saratov, take her by the hand and head to the enchanting Love Monument. Who knows, it just might make you lucky in love!