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14. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many suitors argue that paid Russian dating sites and free Russian dating sites are more or less the same. However, this isn't an accurate statement. While members of pay to use our service, they also enjoy a variety of benefits free sites don't offer. For example...


Anti-Scam Policies and Procedures

A big concern among would-be suitors today is the validity of the girls on Russian dating sites. Gentlemen want to know that their money is going towards meeting real women who are looking for love, not phonies or scammers. With this in mind, RussianLoveMatch has implemented a variety of anti-scam policies and procedures. These procedures include verifying the identity of every lady on the site via an official photo ID, requiring the ladies to record a validation video, investigating all scam complaints, and implementing live video streaming so gentlemen can see, for themselves, that the Russian ladies are real. Few, if any, sites offer the same level of protection.


A Stellar Customer Service Team

Members of RussianLoveMatch can reach a member of our customer service team seven days a week and our staff is generally available by phone, email, or instant message to answer questions about a variety of issues. We strive to answer questions and address member concerns quickly and efficiently which is something free sites just don’t do.


Fun and Unique Dating Tools

RussianLoveMatch also offers a variety of convenient and valuable tools not found on other sites. These tools include the black book, introduction videos, live video chat, the online gift shop, virtual cards, translation and interpretation, zodiac compatibility, and more. Have you given them all a try?


No Ads, Privacy

There are no external advertisements on so gentlemen don’t have to put up with the annoying or intrusive ads that are common on free matchmaking sites. Not only that, but unlike many dating services, RussianLoveMatch does not display the profiles of male members. This is important as many gentlemen do not want their face and personal information plastered on the Internet. 

Yes, Russian bride seekers can can choose from a variety of free dating websites. However, not all sites are created equal and gentlemen who want a fun, safe, and secure Russian dating environment often turn to