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RussianLoveMatch Values Members

24. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Unlike many online dating websites, the primary focus of is not how many men we can persuade to use our service. We instead focus on helping existing customers have a satisfying and rewarding experience. How? Here are 4 simple ways.


Customer Service You Can Count On

The most common complaint about online businesses is the lack of customer support. Many online dating websites have little to no contact information leaving members without help should an issue arise. Even those who do post phone numbers or a valid email address may not immediately respond to customer inquiries. This is certainly not the case at RussianLoveMatch. Our reliable customer support staff always answers the phone and responds to email. Not only that, but customers can also address their questions to one of our friendly web hostesses who are available via live video streaming.


A Variety of Membership Options

RussianLoveMatch does not push a “one size fits all” membership plan. We offer four levels of membership to interested gentlemen, each with its own advantages. The benefits of premium membership (Gold, Silver, Platinum) include discounts on chat and live video streaming, discounted gift shop items, as well as advanced features like stealth mode and blocking. We also have a flexible cancellation policy so gentlemen are never stuck with a membership they don’t want or need.


Member Control

Unlike other online dating services, RussianLoveMatch allows members to contact and virtually date any woman they choose. There are no compatibility surveys or levels of dimensions, just adventurous men and women who are open to finding “The One,” whoever he or she may be. 


Real Women Looking for Love

Many dating services focus on the quantity of members rather than the quality. They work to sign up as many people of possible without checking to see who is legitimate and who is not. This practice often leads to fake profiles and dating scammers, leaving sincere members to sort the good from the bad. This isn’t a problem at We verify the identity of every lady who joins our site and interview the women to ensure they are sincere in their quest for love. If a male member suspects a lady of being a scammer we will investigate his complaint and remove the woman from our site if necessary. If we didn’t insist on these practices we would have many more ladies, but we are more interested in the quality of our ladies, not the quantity.


We work hard to ensure our customers will have a satisfying experience on by sparing them the common hassles of online dating websites. Our strong customer support team, flexible membership options, open contact policy, and validated matches are just a few ways we serve our members.