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Russian Brides: Fighters in Velvet Gloves

19. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Fourteen million Russian men fought and died in the 20th century from wars and political upheavals. That has made Russian women the unsung heroes of their country: both enduring and endearing.


And it makes Russian brides excellent wives for Western men!


Russian women don't give up

The well-documented man shortage, and the nature of the society itself, has made Russian ladies decisive, capable and resilient.  Ninety percent work, and many raise families, too.


Yet, traditionally, they are not sufficiently appreciated, nor are their accomplishments held on par with men's. Equal rights have not caught on there. Rather than complain, Russian ladies accept their role as part of the culture.


Social issues

While it's dangerous to stereotype any group, well-documented studies and observations show that many Russian men abdicate responsibility in family life. They tend to socialize with other men late into the night and not pull their weight at home.


Certainly not all Russian women are unhappy with Russian men (likewise Ukraine and other former Soviet states), but they now have more choices. Some are looking across borders for men who are a better fit: That is, the family-oriented, responsible and tender men from the West.


Russian women and Western men

Internet dating has opened up a new world for interested Russian ladies. Despite risks of human trafficking and abuse, they are willing to be open-minded and seek a Western husband.


They bring to the table a responsible character and feminine charm -- an irresistable combination!  Start your search for a strong and sexy Russian bride here.