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Russian and Ukrainian Women are "Windsurf Beauties"

21. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian and Ukrainian women windsurfing

Hot tennis babes and gorgeous flexible gymnasts probably come to mind when thinking of sexy athletic Russian women. But what about hot Russian windsurfers?


26-year-old Olya Raskina just began competing professionally in 2008, yet she's already placed in the top 10 of her first few freestyle contests. However, she is most proud of her recent achievement which is sharing her love of windsurfing with women from all over the world.


Olya, and fellow windsurfing instructor Sveta Martynova, recently organized the first ever Russian women's windsurfing camp in Dahab, Egypt. Appropriately named Windsurf Beauties, the first camp attracted over 30 women from all over Russia and Ukraine. Originally born in Moscow, Olya now lives in Dahab where she also works full-time as a windsurfing instructor at a Russian sports center. She is also a writer for a few Russian windsurfing magazines.


The Windsurf Beauties are looking forward to several summer camp sessions in the upcoming months, hoping to introduce the sport to even more women from other countries. In addition to training lessons, the gorgeous girls get to attend yoga and dance classes, themed parties, and enjoy wild excursions into the mountains.


Check out these photos of the beautiful Olya Raskina, along with all of the hot Russian and Ukrainian women that attended the camp.


Olya Raskina, professional windsurfer and instructor

Olya Raskina

Sveta Martynova

Olya Raskina