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Russian Women and Mail Order Brides

9. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

It's a common misconception that offers a service that is unlike a mail order brides service. You might not know the difference at first glance between our service and that of a mail order brides service. And the difference is huge.


Mail Order Brides Are Illegal

As good as it might sound to some, the action of purchasing another human being – whether for purposes of marriage or otherwise – is highly illegal, not to mention unethical and morally degrading to the women. This is why mail order brides, or any Web site or other service claiming to offer mail order brides, are actually few and far between. Certainly, they exist. But such services and practices are not legitimate businesses.


Russian Brides Are Real

By contrast, is a legitimate online dating service, which celebrates Russian women and their unique natural beauty and charm. Our mission is to give these women and western men the ability to find each other and become acquainted in a traditional manner via online communication.


It is also the case that the Russian ladies featured on our site are all real and join of their own free will. Many of them have a desire to leave their home country in order to start a family, pursue better career possibilities, or seek better financial stability, all while finding true love at the same time.


Russian Women Can’t Be Purchased

Some gentlemen who join still carry with them the misconception that the women are available to be purchased. It seems that they believe that the purchase of a membership guarantees that the first Russian woman they talk to will want to marry them. Nothing could be further from the truth. A membership gives you access to the women and the tools necessary to engage in the online courtship process. However, just like traditional dating, your success is contingent upon your personal charm, attention to her needs, and all else you have to offer as a romantic partner.


The services we provide on are just as real and legitimate as the ladies themselves. We give you the means; we leave it to you to find the right lady. So get started searching for her.