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Generalizations About Russian Women, Scammers Can Be Dangerous

9. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

In an attempt to organize and/or make sense of the world, human beings tend to rely on generalizations. Whille generalizations can be useful at times, they can also be dangerous as they foster unrealistic expectations and close-minded attitudes. Here are a few common generalizations about Russian women and Russian women scammers and how they can prevent you from finding the woman of your dreams.


Russian Women Generalizations

Some men come to Russian dating because they are disillusioned with and/or disappointed by women in their own country. These gentlemen are usually looking for something specific (traditional family values, a certain look, etc.), have been unable to find them at home, and decide they must look elsewhere. While there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to certain qualities or seeking love abroad, it’s dangerous to assume all, or even most, Russian women will have a specific quality or that they will be completely different from women at home. Over generalization can cause men to build up a fantasy to which no woman, Russian or otherwise, could possibly live up.


Russian Women Scammer Generalizations

Not all generalizations about Russian women are flattering, however. The great amount of scam horror stories floating around the Web has caused some men to form unfair generalizations about specific types of Russian and Ukrainian ladies. For example, some men believe that young, beautiful women on Russian dating sites are almost certainly scammers, or that women who use agencies are only after money and gifts. Other gentlemen believe that Kiev is overflowing with dishonest ladies, or even that the entire country of Ukraine is full of scammers. If a gentleman modifies his search to exclude beautiful women, young women, agency women, or ladies from Ukraine, he eliminates thousands of ladies without giving them a fair chance, one of whom may be his perfect match.  


The best course of action is to always judge a person as an individual, not as a member of a generalized group. Keep an open mind, give the ladies a fair chance, and you may just find your Russian match.