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Russian Women Have Different Email Habits

18. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

We often hear the following questions from members of RussianLoveMatch®: "Why do the ladies send such short emails?" "Did they even read my email?" "Why does it take so long to get a reply?" Here are the answers to these common concerns. Rest assured that the ladies aren't playing games. They just have different email habits than Western men.


Why Are the Women’s Emails So Short?

Imagine this scenario. A gentleman finds an interesting lady on RussianLoveMatch, and he spends a lot of time crafting the perfect email. He tells the lady a little (or a lot) about himself, asks several questions, and then eagerly awaits a reply. When the return message does arrive, however, it’s shorter than expected and the gentleman is disappointed. He may wonder if the lady even read his email and if she is serious about getting to know him. Has this happened to you?


Most ladies on RussianLoveMatch are not fluent in English. Therefore, they may have difficulty understanding and replying to all of your specific questions. They also have a limited amount of time in the introduction agencies, and may therefore not be able to compose a lengthy message. If you are repeatedly frustrated with brief email replies, you may want to consider sending shorter emails. This can help keep the lady from feeling overwhelmed. 


Why Does It Take So Long to Get a Response?

Many gentlemen will send a woman an email and then expect her to reply in a couple of days. Unfortunately, this time frame is not feasible for many Russian ladies. Unlike Western men, the vast majority of Russian ladies cannot access the internet from home. Therefore, they have to travel to an agency to check their correspondence, and some women are just too busy to stop by on a regular basis. Try to be patient.  If you do not get a reply within a reasonable amount of time, try sending another message or move on to a lady who is more accessible.  


Remember, unlike you, Russian women cannot compose messages in their native tongue and they are unable to chat from the comfort of their homes. This can lead to slow response times and short emails, but it does not mean the ladies aren’t serious. Please keep this in mind when corresponding with the beauties on


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