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Russian Women Asking For Money? Not at!

27. August 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments

Most men say to themselves, "I would never send money to a woman I've only met online," but you'd be surprised how quickly those words can change with the whirlwind of an online romance. Some guys are so giving that they want to help ladies with living and school expenses or shower them with all sorts of expensive gifts.   


While most Russian women would never dream of asking a man to send her money or gifts, there are some out there that will. One thing that sets above other dating sites is that we have a strict policy against such behavior.


First, every female member that joins the site must agree in both written form and verbally via a recorded video that she will not ask gentlemen for money or gifts. If a lady is seen breaking this rule, whether it's via emails or instant messages, the customer service specialists will send her a warning.


If the lady continues this forbidden behavior after being warned and reminded of the policies, she will be promptly removed from the site. Gentlemen are encouraged to report ladies who ask for money or gifts immediately to the customer service staff so they can take action.


Also, men must remember that even when they do send tokens of their affection to ladies from the Gift Shop, there are no guarantees that those ladies will be hopelessly devoted to them. Just because they are searching for a partner in an unconventional way doesn't mean their love can be bought or owned.


Don't be quick to cry scam if you experience a Russian bride breaking the rules. Simply report her to customer service, who are diligently protecting gentlemen members from unacceptable behavior, and start chatting with a new lady who could be the love of your life!