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Russian Name Day for Aleksandra and Antonina!

23. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Alexandra is the feminine form of the Alexander, which is roughly translated from the Greek name meaning “protector of man”. Russian women sharing this name often spell it Aleksandra and may also go by Tonya. Ukrainian girls may prefer Oleksandra.


A gorgeous Ukrainian girl to note with this name is Oleksandra Nikolayenko. As a successful model and actress, Oleksandra has received more beauty awards than any other woman in Ukraine. She has won Miss Odessa, Miss Ukraine South, Miss Ukraine, Miss Ukraine Universe, Miss Student, Miss Tourism-Europe, and Miss Tourism International, among many others.


Another name to celebrate today is Antonina, the feminine form of the Italian name Antonino, meaning “beyond praise” or “highly praiseworthy”. Russian brides with this name often go by Tonya or Nina. A more loving affectionate nickname is Tonechka.


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