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Russian Ladies Who Love to Dance [pics inside!]

25. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

There are so many talented ladies on Russian Love Match, including many who just love to dance.


Some are professional dancers or choreographers; some are amateurs who excel at this enticing hobby. We know that we love to see these ladies' graceful forms, and we think you will too:


DanceCat (below) says, "I am dancing cat!! I was lucky enough to make my passion to my job. I give lessons of choreography and see how it works with two people who only start dancing together. It is all the life - two people in love are two dancers. 

I am looking for my match and want to sing to him: Shall we dance, shall we dance, shall we dance?"



Meet BabyDancer: "I am a professional dancer, choreographer and simply sexy lady. My passion and whole my life is dances. I teach it and get a lot of satisfaction from this process. I participate in numerous competitions and win them all."


 BalletDancer loves all things athletic.


 Check out CheckMeOut!


DivineKSenia says, "My work is my biggest hobby which I adore very much. I like dances, and I also like creating them."




 Multi-talented lady LovingYou


 Margo is looking for a kind and loving man.


 Nastena loves travel and adventure.


 Nastyadancer has danced since childhood.


 Natalight wants a responsible and confident man.


 Pantera dances every day.


 Taisie is easy-going and open-minded.


 Vera says, "let's dance together!"


 Vika simply adores to dance.