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Russian Girls Reveal Top Ten Turn Offs

7. September 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments

When you're dating hot Russian brides online, it's important to be that charming gentleman you would be in person. Yet, for whatever reasons, some men simply forget to show off the qualities that turn Russian women on. Knowing the other sides of the spectrum is also very helpful in starting a relationship off on the right foot.   


Here are the top 10 turn offs shared by the female members of


10. UNFAITHFUL: When a Russian woman falls in love, she gives herself wholeheartedly. Don't undermine her loyalty and devotion by cheating on her. The easiest way to avoid this is by having open, honest conversations about your relationship and your expectations.


9. SEX CRAZED: While men may think about sex more than women do, they shouldn't constantly verbalize it, especially to a lady they've only recently met. Think gentleman, not gigolo.


8. DISRESPECTFUL: Talking down to a woman or treating her like a sex object are obviously not respectful behaviors that will win any hearts. Treat Russian ladies like you would your mother, with the utmost respect.


7. EGOTISTICAL: While it's important to talk about yourself when starting an online relationship, be careful not to brag or boast too much. Guys who are too much into themselves are seen as obnoxious, arrogant jerks.


6. LAZY: Russian women are constantly on the go whether it's with their careers, school studies, workout routine, or hobbies. They'll certainly make time for their man in this mix, but it helps if you have an active lifestyle of your own. These ladies are very passionate and prefer men who are equally enthusiastic about something.


5. SHABBY APPEARANCE: Whether you're posing for a profile pic or preparing to meet a lady in person, always dress to impress. While a slightly rugged look can be sexy, keep yourself clean and smelling good.


4. RUDENESS: Some guys try to be "cocky but funny" yet it often comes off as just rude. You can be kind and funny without being rude.


3. SELFISH: If you're always worried about your own wants and needs, a lady may wonder when you'll ever take her feelings into consideration. Like Jaheim says, "You better put that woman first."


2. LIARS: Honesty is so important in all relationships, especially online ones. No one likes to wonder if what they're being told is the truth so keep everything accurate right at the start.


1. BAD MANNERS: Like we always say, Russian brides want real gentlemen to share their lives with and manners are the first thing they notice. Simple things like saying please and thank you, watching the way you talk to others, and just being mindful of how you act will make a huge impression.


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