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Russian Girls Named Galina Celebrate Today! (Lots of Pics!)

23. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Stunning Ukrainian bride from Odessa, "GalinaTender"

Russian girls who share the name Galina may also be called Galya, Galenka, and Galochka. This is a classic Russian name of Greek origin, meaning calm, silence, gentleness, peace, and serenity.


Galinas have been known to love reading, especially adventure, travel, and historical novels. These ladies may also be persistent hard workers who can make time for everything, including work, family, and entertainment. These girls also love to participate in active hobbies like camping, hiking, and sports clubs.


A famous Russian woman with this name was the iconic ballerina Galina Ulanova. The grace and beauty she demonstrated years ago still remain in the hearts and minds of Russians everywhere.


Take a look at these elegant and charming Galinas and click on their photos to view their profiles. Sending them a special name day message is a great way to introduce yourself!


Hot Ukrainian bride, "GalinaSev"

Sweet Ukrainian lady from Vinnitsa, "Galina352"

Beautiful bride from Odessa, "GalinaGlory"

Have you met Ukrainian cutie, "Galina73"?

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Romantic Russian woman, "GalinaGala"

Beautiful Ukrainian bride, "Galina40"

Have you met hot Russian bride, "Galina1"?

Sweet single lady from Kiev, "GalyaUm"

Gorgeous girl from Nikolaev, "Galina2453"

Gorgeous Ukrainian bride from Lugansk, "GalinaKitty"