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Russian Dating Worries from a Woman's Perspective

4. June 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

When it comes to Russian dating, members often worry about insincere women, fake profiles, and marriage scams. However, what most men don’t realize is that the women of Russian Love Match share similar concerns. Here are three Russian dating worries from the women’s perspective. 


Fake Pics or Profiles

Men often worry that the women they see on RLM aren’t the same women answering emails or chatting with Western men.  In fact, this concern prompted Russian Love Match to launch an extensive identity validation procedure. However, the men aren’t alone in their worry over false or misleading personas. Some men post photos of models or actors or share self pics taken several decades ago. Men aren’t required to complete the same validation process as the women, so the ladies naturally about being duped.


Insincere Members

Some men complain that the women on Russian Love Match aren’t sincere in their quest to find a match and are instead using the site for personal gain. However, we prohibit our female members from requesting money or gifts and take violations of this policy quite seriously. Men should also know that the ladies too worry about insincere members. Some men are more interested in getting nude pics or engaging in adult chat sessions than finding a partner. 


Mail-Order Bride Seekers

Women also worry about men seeking mail-order brides. Though traditional mail-order brides are a thing of the past, some men still believe they can purchase women on a website and order them to cook and clean. As the women of RLM are seeking equal partners, not owners or masters, they’re naturally worried about encountering mail-order bride seekers.


Considering Russian dating from a woman’s point of view can help you gain a better understanding of her thoughts and motivations. Keep this in mind the next time you're chatting and flirting with the women of Russian Love Match.


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