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Russian Dating Pros and Cons

25. October 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Every form of dating has its pros and cons, be it traditional dating, online dating, or Russian dating. Here are a few things to keep in mind when courting the lovely ladies of


Russian Dating Offers Something Different

Russian Love Match offers gentlemen the chance to try something new by exposing members to a completely different pool of women. Russian dating doesn’t have to completely change the way a gentleman searches for love, it’s just a great way for him to enhance and expand his search. What could be better than that?


Ukraine is Far Away

Distance is perhaps the biggest con to Russian dating. It can be tough to build a relationship with someone who lives half a world away, and at times gentlemen might want to give up and search for love closer to home. Though there’s no substitute for living close to a special lady, Russian Love Match helps long distances seem smaller with fun communication tools like instant chat and live video streaming. Though long distance relationships are tough, they’re not impossible. Plus, long distance relationships actually have a few perks.

Men Outnumber Women on RLM

On domestic dating sites, women typically receive much more email than men and therefore do not have the time or inclination to respond to every intriguing message. Not so, with The number of women on our site exceeds the number of men, and the ladies are therefore much more likely to reply or reach out to promising suitors than women on traditional dating websites. In fact, some male members receive so much email that they begin to wonder if Russian Love Match is a scam. It’s not. The ladies simply want to be noticed and choose to reach out to many potential suitors.


Language Barriers

Communicating with Russian women may seem difficult, but Russian Love Match simplifies the experience by including translation and interpretation fees in the cost of membership. Our translators ensure that the integrity of gentlemen’s emails remain intact, in addition to preserving the intended inflection, tone, and overall quality of members’ messages. Plus, gentlemen can always focus on proficient or fluent speakers if they don’t want to deal with the hassle of translation.


Gentlemen who understand the advantages and disadvantages of looking for love abroad have the best shot at finding love on RLM. Good luck finding the Russian lady of your dreams!