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Reel Her in with One of These Classic Scents for Men

2. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

One of the first things that a lady will notice about a man is his scent. Classic colognes have an unmistakably masculine aroma that ladies will love. Russian ladies find a man who smells good irresistible.


When applying cologne, just a small dab will do. Use enough so that the scent would only be noticeable to someone who is handshake distance or closer.


Store bottles of cologne somewhere where they will be protected from light and heat. Properly stored, a bottle can last for years. It’s better to keep cologne in a cabinet in your bedroom than in the bathroom, which can get warm and damp. If you find that the scent of your favorite cologne has gone off, toss it and buy a smaller bottle. This way, you’ll use it all before the scent turns.


Chanel Pour Monsieur – created in 1955, this was sold as “A Gentlemen’s Cologne” in the UK and Chanel for Men in the US. When the scent was relaunched in 1989, it was known as Chanel Pour Monsieur worldwide. Citrus and oak moss make this a clean and sophisticated scent.


Christian Dior Eau Sauvage - this scent was created in 1966 by self-taught perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. Roudnitska is considered one of the best perfumers of the 20th century, and this masculine offering has withstood the test of time. 


Calvin Klein Obsession for Men – this cologne debuted in 1986, so it is a bit newer than the other scents on this list. Obsession was one of the most popular colognes of the 80s, and remains a signature scent for many to this day.


Old Spice – the classic cologne or aftershave in its buoy-shaped bottle is a mainstay for many. The formula was created in 1938 and remains largely unchanged. This one is easy on the wallet and has a warm spicy scent that most ladies love.


Aramis – Dick Whitman probably wore Old Spice, but Don Draper would have worn Aramis. Aramis was created by Estee Lauder in 1965, and originally sold only in posh London department store Harrods. This cologne is green and spicy, with notes of bergamot, clove, sandlewood and moss. In the words of one reviewer, “Aramis smells of power.”