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Real Russian Ladies vs. So-Called "Scammers"

20. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

With so many lovely Russian women looking to meet foreign gentlemen on, it's natural that some of our members may at first be hesitant to that the ladies are even real. But they are very real.


Neverthteless, occasionally situations come about that may give a gentleman second thoughts about a particular lady. At, we take such situations seriously and strive to alleviate any misunderstandings between the gentlemen and the ladies. Here are just a few of the common concerns we hear as well as tips to remember to alleviate misunderstandings.


Just Because She Refuses, Doesn’t Mean She’s a Scammer

One common scenario in which this occurs involves the gentleman issuing an intimacy request to the lady, which is subsequently refused for whatever reason. This sometimes leads gentlemen to suspect that the lady is a scammer. It is important to remember that the lady is not obligated to accept your intimacy request. She may want to get to know you better before accepting or perhaps she is just not interested. While disappointing, this is by no means a scam.


Ladies Can Use Other Services

We also often hear from gentlemen who are concerned that some of our ladies appear on other dating sites specializing in Russian and Ukrainian women. For some gentlemen, this is also seen as evidence that a specific lady is a so-called “scammer.” However, the agencies in Russia, to whom the ladies go to utilize, often have contracts with multiple international dating sites. As a result, a lady who appears on our site may also appear elsewhere. We do not maintain exclusive agreements with the Russian women and they are free to join other sites if they choose.


Ladies Should Not Ask for Money or Gifts

Ladies are not allowed to ask for money. This is a violation of our Terms of Use. If a gentleman reports to us that a lady has asked him to send money, we will investigate the matter and bring it to the attention of the agency that the lady uses. Similarly, ladies are not allowed to specifically request gifts, especially items that are not already offered through The gifts that are available to the gentlemen on are to be sent only at the gentleman freely chooses to do so.


In the rare situation in which a lady is believed to be using for purposes other than searching for a foreign gentleman for marriage, we will remove her from the site. But rest assured, the vast majority of our Russian ladies are honest and truthful in their search.


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