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Rare Cosmic Occurrences on New Year's Eve

30. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Whether you’re out popping champagne at parties, or just sipping quietly at home on New Year’s Eve, there will be plenty of action going on in the cosmos. Some of your favorite Russian ladies may get to gander at one event that will only be visible over Europe, Africa, and Asia.


A partial lunar eclipse will occur on New Year’s Eve. Since each eclipse can only be seen by the half of the Earth that’s turned toward the moon at the time, it will not be visible in North and South America.


The moon will just slip slightly under the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow, hence the partial, but shading and a red tint should be visible to those in Russia and Ukraine. Remind your favorite Russian lady to look towards the skies a few hours after sunset for this special sight!


Another cosmic event that will happen only occurs once in a… blue moon! The fact that this blue moon will be present on New Year’s Eve is very rare. This timing hasn’t occurred since 1971, and it is only the fourth time since 1900. There won’t be another New Year’s Eve blue moon until 2028!


A blue moon is just the term for when a full moon appears for a second time in one month. This usually happens once every 18 months. The name was given due to this fact that it doesn’t happen very often, not because of the actual color. Although, if there is plenty of dust and smoke in the atmosphere from forest fires or volcanic eruptions, then the blue moon could actually sport a blue hue.


The third celestial sighting on December 31st is Mars! Earth and Mars are orbiting closer to each other so many star gazers will be able to view the red planet around midnight. It will be the brightest star in the eastern sky with a red tinge.


So however you plan to ring in 2010, take a moment to peer up into the sky and look for some of these special sightings. Your favorite Russian lady may be doing the same and you could share a cosmic connection.