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Questions That Reveal Whether She’s the Right One for You

17. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

When you see a beautiful, friendly woman on Russian Love Match, it’s easy to quickly become infatuated. But, slow down and take a deep breath! Before you get too emotionally involved, ask some questions to make sure that you are going to be compatible.


What Are Her Views on Religion?

One area that can predict how compatible you will be is your views on spirituality. For instance, if you are deeply religious, will you feel comfortable dating an atheist? You do not necessarily need to share the same level of devotion or the same religion, but, your ideas should be close enough to one another’s that you both feel comfortable.


Does She Want a Family?

Whether you want children, plan to stay child-free, or have kids already, you and your Russian bride need to be on the same page on this issue. Conflicts over whether to have a family or not are one of the top reasons that dating couples split up. Making sure that you and your sweetheart want the same things is paramount.


How Does She See Home Life?

Do you like the idea of dating and marrying a woman who has her own career? Or, are you a traditional guy who would prefer to marry a lady who will stay in the home and raise the kids? Russian and Ukrainian ladies, just like American gentlemen, have a wide range of views on these issues. Have some discussions about your ideal married life somewhat early on so that you know that the two of you want the same sort of life.


When you begin seeking romance on Russian Love Match, remember that each lady comes to the site with different ideas about what she would like in a relationship. If you are upfront about what you are looking for, and open to hearing her answers, you have a better chance of finding someone on a lifepath that matches yours.


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