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Play it Safe on Russian Love Match

3. October 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Men around the world love to chat and flirt with the beautiful women of Russian Love Match. Are you one of them? While international dating is fun and exciting, it isn’t perfect and it’s still important for men to play it safe, even on trusted sites like RLM. Here are a few basic tips for staying safe on


Never Send Cash

The most important rule when it comes to online dating is to never, ever send money to someone you haven’t met or don’t know well. Even after you’ve meet a woman, it’s wise to be cautious with your wallet. RLM’s Terms of Use forbid the ladies from asking men for money or gifts, so please let us know if a woman acts inappropriately. 


Don’t Share Too Much

It’s also wise to keep your personal information to yourself until after you’ve established a solid relationship with a woman. This can include your full name, address, phone number, email address, company name and location, family members’ names etc. Though the Intimacy Request process discourages members from sharing too much too soon, it never hurts to be careful with your personal info.

Be Sensible

Keeping a level head is also important when it comes to international dating. Many men are enamored by the beauty of Russian and Ukrainian women and inclined to put the ladies on pedestals. This can lead some fellows to do things they normally wouldn’t do like send money to a woman they just met or share their personal details with a stranger. Though Russian women are indeed charming, no one’s perfect and it men shouldn’t romantic fantasies blind them to common sense.

Thanks to’s extensive anti-scamming policies and procedures, the vast majority of men have no problem with our site. However, it never hurts to be cautious so keep these three simple tips in mind.