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Picking a Username for Russian Love Match

10. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Your username is an important part of the first impression you make on potential love interests. Choosing the right name can make the difference between your message being answered or ignored. It is no different when courting Russian women. 


Think Twice About Sexually Suggestive Names

Russian women find these as off-putting as women anywhere else in the world. Stay away from usernames with both oblique and direct sexual connotations. Usernames that are vulgar or profane aren’t allowed; gentlemen who choose them will have to change them before they can use the site.


Generic Names Get You Lost in the Crowd

A Russian lady might have difficulty if your name does not stand out. How is the lady going to tell John1973 from John2020? She may pass you by because she thinks she’s already chatted with you. A unique and different username helps attract the attention of the Russian ladies. If you have a common name but still want to use it in your username, pair it with a description that reveals something about you, like FootballerJohn or JohnFisherman.


For your protection, you are also not allowed to use your full name as a username. 


Use Simple, Easily Translatable References

American slang may be difficult for even those Russian ladies who speak fluent English. Stick with simple dictionary words in your username so that you can be sure that they understand what your username means.


A gentleman’s username is far from being the only thing that a lady looks at when considering a suitor. However, choosing the right one is a step in the right direction for a successful courtship.