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Picking Out the Perfect Suit

5. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

As we’ve mentioned before, having clothes that fit properly makes a massive difference in your appearance. And, one of the best clothing investments you can make to attract your Russian bride is a great suit. Russian ladies love a man who knows how to dress.


But, what factors make a suit flattering and fitting on you? We explore styles and fit, from the floor up:


The Pants: If you are short, stay away from cuffed pants, as they shorten your silhouette. Taller gentlemen might prefer them, however, because the weight of the cuff makes the pants hang more smoothly. If you are carrying a bit of extra weight, consider pleated pants, as these offer you a bit more room.


When you try the pants on, they should fall straight, without any puckers or wrinkles. The waist should sit closer to your hips than your navel. A properly fit pair of suit pants will stay up without the use of a belt.


The Jacket: Look for something with lapels that are neither too wide nor too narrow. Notched lapels have a crisp and classic look. If you are on the short side or a bit heavy, avoid double-breasted jackets, which can add weight. Most gentlemen look best in a single-breasted two-button jacket. When picking out a jacket, the fit across the shoulders is most important. Ask a salesperson to measure you so that you are able to pick out the right size.


Choosing a Fabric: many fashion experts recommend wool, as it can be worn year-round. Depending on your climate, you may also wish to explore cotton or flannel. As for the color, a classic navy is good for your first suit. For additional ones, expand to charcoal gray or pin-stripes in dark blue or gray. 


Perfecting the Fit: Ever wonder why movie stars’ clothing always looks so perfect? It’s because every item they buy is tailored to fit. No one gets a perfect fit right off the rack. After you buy a suit that fits well-enough, take it to a tailor for final alterations. Ask friends or look for recommendations online to find a good but affordable tailor near you. Your tailor will probably adjust the sleeves and the fit of the pants for you, and leave with an outfit that has a perfect, flattering and attractive fit.

Photo: rubenshito