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Patience, Tolerance Essential for Multicultural Dating

18. September 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments

Since the internet can really accelerate the dating process, some gentlemen rush into relationships with Russian girls. It can be easy to do. After all, they are quite charming, intelligent, and breathtakingly beautiful.


However, without the patience required for Russian dating, couples can get into silly arguments about their cultural differences.


While many of the ladies do hold college degrees, or are currently attending universities, they don't know everything. They may not be well versed on world travel or the daily life occurrences in other countries. They may assume things about certain men because they simply don't have enough international dating experience.


Miscommunication can also happen due to the language barrier. Translators are certainly a huge help, but they can only do so much in regards to the interpretation of emails. A gentlemen may send something as a joke, or a lady may do the same, yet it gets completely misconstrued in the translation.


Both parties must remember to apply patience, tolerance, and understanding while building these multicultural relationships. Relaxing a little bit and not taking every message so seriously can also help move these relationships forward.