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Odessa Erects a Monument to Steve Jobs

15. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

The city of Odessa has installed the world’s second memorial to Apple founder Steve Jobs. The sculpture, designed by a local artist, depicts an open hand with the iconic Apple logo in the palm. The sculpture was made from found metal objects that include gears, bolts, screws, an axe, metal bearings and more. It’s illuminated at night with blue and white lights. Construction of the intricate sculpture took over one year. There is a title card on the sculpture that reads Thanks, Steve! in both Ukrainian and English.


Odessa is a surprising but also apt location for the monument. While Apple products were banned from Ukraine during Jobs’s lifetime, Odessa is a city where many historically and culturally important people and events are memorialized in statues. Among the city’s best known are its monument to Duke de Richelieu, a Frenchman who was once governor of Odessa, and the poignant monument “To the Sailor’s Wife,” which depicts a woman with a small child watching her husband go out to sea.


Young people around the world found Steve Jobs an inspiration. The  head of the Odessa City Council’s Historical and Toponymic Committee, Yelena Pavlova said, “Steve Jobs is the youth’s idol who’s changed the world completely. He was an amazingly talented inventor, and nobody could ever doubt his merits. That’s why we agreed that this sculpture should be installed.”