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The Challenges Your New Russian Wife Will Face

2. March 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

It's not easy for a lady to give up life as she knows it and move to a foreign country, but thousands of Russian women have done just that, all in the name of love. If you're lucky enough to have met and married your dream woman on, it's now up to you to help your new bride adjust to life in your home country. The task will take a lot of patience and understanding, and to be successful you must understand the challenges your new wife will face on the road to successful integration.


Culture Shock

Think back to your first visit to Russia or the Ukraine. Do you remember how strange and foreign everything seemed? That is exactly how your country appears to your new bride, only she doesn’t have the comfort of knowing she will return home in a few days. Culture shock, like homesickness, is something every foreign spouse will face and something that will take time to overcome.    


Getting Homesick

It should come as no surprise that most, if not all, Russian brides battle homesickness at one time or another. When a lady moves abroad, she is thrust into a strange environment far from her family and friends. The language is different, the culture is different, and even common tasks like visiting the grocery store or opening a checking account can be difficult and overwhelming. Don’t be insulted if your bride longs for home. Homesickness is an inevitable part of marrying a foreign bride and your lady will need a great deal of comfort and support to adjust to life in a new country.


Battling Russian Stereotypes

While you may have rid yourself of inaccurate stereotypes about Russian women and Russian brides, the same cannot be said for your friends, family, and acquaintances. Some people may suspect your new bride of being a gold-digger, a scammer, a prostitute, or worse and treat her with hostility or disrespect. Needless to say, this can make things very difficult for your significant other and she will need your comfort and support to deal with people’s negative reactions.   


Homesickness, culture shock, and unflattering stereotypes are just a few of the challenges new Russian brides face after relocating to a gentleman’s home country. Men who understand these challenges and provide an endless amount of comfort and support are instrumental in helping foreign brides successfully adjust to lives outside of Russia and the Ukraine.