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No Luck With Mainstream Dating?

28. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

If you’ve been unable to find a match on mainstream dating sites or through traditional methods of dating than why not give RussianLoveMatch a try? 


Many men are hesitant to try an international dating site like because they fear being scammed or because they believe finding a match in a distant country just isn’t possible. However, after a little research gentlemen quickly realize that Russian dating isn’t as scandalous or as impossible as they first thought.

Despite what critics may say, RussianLoveMatch goes to great lengths to provide a safe and secure dating environment. How? To address scammer concerns, we require the ladies to submit proof of their identity and to appear in a validation video in which they acknowledge that they understand the Terms of Use and agree not to request money or gifts.  We also investigate each and every scammer complaint, no matter how trivial, and employ a team of knowledgeable customer service professionals, including web hostesses, to answer questions and address customer complaints 7 days a week. RussianLoveMatch also offers live video streaming so gentlemen can view the ladies for themselves, not to mention a host of other fun and unique features. How many other dating sites, international or mainstream, do all that?

Gentlemen who fear it’s impossible to find a Russian bride need only look at our Testimonials page to read about real life men and women who found love using Is the process easy? No. However, sincere, charming gentlemen who understand that Russian dating is not a matter of purchasing a bride have a good chance of finding love.

Sign up for RussianLoveMatch today to experience the thrills of Russian dating. At best, you’ll find the woman of your dreams. At worst (though it’s hardly a disadvantage), you’ll meet a lot of interesting new people.