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New Year Party Honors 200th Anniversary of War Victory

29. December 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

This past Sunday, the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow invited 6,000 schoolchildren to a New Year Fairytale Party. Elaborate state performances by fairytale characters delighted the kids, but they were also reminded of a significant time in Russia's history.


The All-Russia Fir-Tree Party was held in dedication of the 200th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the 1812 Patriotic War. Actors portrayed former war heroes and demonstrated powerful reenactments.


The First Russian Lady Svetlana Medvedeva also appeared on stage, accompanied by the children. She congratulated everyone at the event and on behalf of the President of Russia wished them all the best.


What most cultures call a "Christmas Tree", Russians refer to as a "New Year Tree" or simply a "Fir Tree." This stems from the ban of Christmas celebrations by the Bolsheviks in 1917. Decorating trees was strictly forbidden for several years, until officials decided to allow celebrations once again, but only on New Year's Day. Therefore, gift giving and decorating fir trees are more popular occurences during New Year festivities. This is also when Ded Moroz, the Russian Santa Claus, visits children.


Take a look at these photos from the party!


Source: The Voice of Russia