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Must See Place in Crimea: Cape Phiolent

5. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

The Cape of Phiolent is where you can find the secluded Jasper Beach and Grotto of Diana, surrounded by towering rocky cliffs.


Located about 10km south of the center of Sevastopol, this beach is not covered by sand, but by pebbles, like most all of the natural beaches on the south shore of Crimea.


At the top of the cliff is an ancient, yet functioning church. St. George Monastery is said to have been created by ancient Greek monks who were shipwrecked near the cliff by a horrific storm. The people were praying to St. George to spare their lives, when the storm abruptly ended and the image of St. George appeared on a large rock just off the cliff.


The monastery was then built and a large cross was erected on the rock, now known as Cross Rock, or St. George Cliff.


If you are courageous enough to trek down to the turquoise blue waters, you must descend 800 steep stairs. Since you made it that far, you might as well take a short swim over to the small island of Cross Rock and climb back up a staircase leading to the famous cross.


Enjoy these amazing photos and consider experiencing the Cape of Phiolent for yourself, preferably in the spring or summer, on your next trip to Sevastopol.