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More Tips for Making Life Easier for Your Russian Bride

6. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

In an earlier post, we discussed having a plan to make your bride’s transition to her new life easier. In part two we continue with some practical advice for life with your new Russian Bride.


Recon Trip

It is also a good idea to have her travel to your home on a short trip before she makes her move. Your hometown may be much larger than the city she comes from or it may be much smaller.  In many Russian and Ukrainian cities the citizens use mass transit. In the United States, that is not the norm. So unless she can operate a car, she might feel like a prisoner in her new home.  Also the climate might be drastically different to what she is accustomed.


Everyday Tasks

What you find as routine will be totally foreign to her. Take her to drugstore, supermarket, gas station, mall, department stores, the library, etc., so she understands how everyday activities are accomplished in your hometown.  It is very important that she understands how the 911 system works in case of an emergency.



Just as she is the most important person in your life, you are the most important person in her life.  Be her mentor. Teach your new bride about local laws, customs and history. Take her on a tour of the local area. Let her learn from you. If your town or a nearby town has art galleries, performing arts, major festivals, or a music scene, take her to experience them. The arts are a major part of Russian life.


Include Her

Introduce her to your friends and family so she does not feel alone. Include her in the conversation. If she doesn’t understand a story or a joke, take time to explain it to her. Let her know that she is welcomed, truly welcomed into your life. Teach your friends and family some basic Russian words or phrases, such as “Hello” or “Thank you.” There are various stories of new Russian brides breaking down and crying, and running up the phone bill calling back home, out of loneliness. 


Make the Time

It seems in today’s economic climate we are all working harder and longer. Providing for your family is always best, but what good is all that money, if you can’t enjoy it, together?  Choose one week night as date night. No talk of work, no emails, no phone calls- just you and her taking time out of your busy week for each other.   Making time for her will show her know how much you care.



You might have heard the phrase, “ABC: Always Be Closing”. Well, there is a new phrase to remember, “ABR: Always Be Romancing”. When courting, you sent her notes, flowers, candies and other gifts to show her your affections. Once you are married it doesn’t stop. Keep at it.  ABR!  A nice note left for her by her coffee, surprising her with flowers for no reason, a candlelit bubble bath, a quick weekend or overnight trip, will keep that fire going.


By choosing a Russian Bride, you took a chance. When starting a new life together, don’t leave anything to chance.  Remember why you fell for her and never let her forget it.