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Money and Much More at Odessa Numismatics Museum

30. August 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

In the early 1970s, a collection of cultural relics was displayed in the watchtower of the old destroyed fortress in Shevchenko Park. Rudolf Mikhailovich Tsiporkis was the proud collector and he possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of Odessa’s history.


When Rudolf passed away in 1999, the Odessa Numismatics Museum was officially opened in his honor. Admission is free and their dedication to sharing Ukrainian history with the world is unparalleled.  


In addition to thousands of old postcards and ancient coins, the collection includes antique ceramics, fine art, religious articles, and rare crafts. The museum doesn’t only display these remarkable relics; curators conduct continual research and produce popular television programs which are also available on DVD.


The museum is also home to the “Club of Discoverers”, an opportunity for young students who take great interest in geography and history. Members virtually travel to every continent, learning about world cultures along the way.


There is also an expert gemologist, who happens to be a beautiful Russian woman, to inform and enlighten guests about the antique jewelry and gemstone collection.


Impress your favorite Ukrainian brides by learning more about Ukrainian history and culture. When you’re planning your trip to visit some gorgeous Odessa girls, be sure to include the Odessa Numismatics Museum on your list of places to see!