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Missing Her This Holiday Season?

23. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

The holidays are hard on long-distance romance. It's no wonder you miss your special Russian lady given the sentimental music pumped into stores, mistletoe, magical lights and displays, and all those parties you'd love to take her to. Here's how to ease the pain of separation.

Give a Gift

Russian Orthodox Christmas is celebrated January 7, but your lady is aware of the Western holiday. A physical reminder that you are thinking of her during your celebration or hers will surely warm her heart and bring a smile to her face. Visit our online gift shop for a selection of quality gifts. Our agencies can usually email you a photo of your lady receiving her present.

Stay in touch

Email and chat with your Russian lady as often as possible. Do tell her you long for her, but also keep messages positive and hopeful. Think about the future holidays you plan to share and, if appropriate, the religious elements of your holiday that unite you in heart and soul. 

But show understanding

The weeks leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah are a busy social times in Russia and Ukraine, too. Your Russian bride may have many obligations that sidetrack her from the agency's computers. Remember, too, that her winter is probably harsh. Most ladies don't have a computer at home, nor instant transportation to the agency to correspond whenever they wish.


Send a picture of you in a Santa hat, pictures of your Christmas tree, your snowcovered neighborhood (or light-festooned palm trees) or local light displays so she can see what the holidays are like in your area.


Share your traditions

Share with her how you celebrate the holidays in your family, your region and your country. If your religion or cultural practices (like Boxing Day or Kwanzaa) are different from hers, tell her about it. She'll be fascinated!

The holidays can be a very lonely time for long-distance lovers. Think of this as a good time to communicate more and get to know eachother's hearts. Show her you love her now more than ever. Or start searching for your own Russian love match today!