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Meet the FSU Miss World Contestants

24. October 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Next month, six beauties from the Former Soviet Union will strut their stuff at the 61st annual Miss World pageant. Check out the videos and quotes below to learn more about Miss Russia, Miss Ukraine, Miss Lithuania, Miss Latvia, Miss Belarus, and Miss Moldova. Miss World 2010, America’s Alexandria Mills, will crown the new winner at the Miss World finals on Sunday, November 6th. Which FSU contestant do you like best?


Miss Russia – Natalia Gantimurova

“For me, Russia is a huge metropolis with a very fast life. It holds great historical value. It’s beautiful! I love it!”


Miss Ukraine – Iaroslava Kuriacha

“I live in the cleanest city within Ukraine. We are very good people.”


Miss Lithuania - Ieva Gervinskaite

“Lithuania is my homeland. It is beautiful with all its forests, rivers, and fields. I always try to return to my village.”


Miss Latvia - Alisa Miskovska

“There are a few beautiful and wonderful countries on the shores of the Baltic Sea. One of these is Latvia.”


Miss Belarus - Anastasiya Kharlanava

“Belarus is the most remarkable country in the world. It is full of good, responsive, nice, and open people. We have a wonderful nature, a rich history and many attractions.”


Miss Moldova - Veronica Popovic

“I enjoy Moldovan national Moldovan food and classical and modern literature.”