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Meet Charles and Angela

22. September 2011 by Christy 0 Comments


CHARLES: I will be very happy to inform you that I did, in fact, find my future bride with the assistance of my Driver / Interpreter, Tetiana from the Dnepropetrovsk office. My bride was on the web site for a while before I was introduced to her, but I do not know for how long. I went to Dnepropetrovsk to meet Natali, but she determined that we were not a match, after only one day together, and on my second day, I was asked to just meet one of Tanya's "girls", and I did agree, because I was told that she was becoming depressed because she had no men writing to her. I spent the rest of my week with Angela and on my fourth day with her, she accepted my proposal of marriage, and we are now waiting for her visa to be processed so she can come to America and we can be married. On your site, I didn't ever notice her profile, and I never wrote to her until after we met, and if not for Tanya, I might still be searching.

I had an opportunity to return to Ukraine in July, and spent another 8 days with Angela, and with the assistance of Tanya, I was able to have some of the most memorable experiences that I have ever enjoyed. I filed for Angela's visa in early August, and I am told from the Department of Homeland security that the visa will be ready to be released in about five months, so I am very optimistic in thinking that Angela just might be my Christmas present this year, but most probably will be able to come to be my wife in mid January. We will probably take a few days for our honeymoon and go to Florida and visit my father, who is 93 years of age, and very anxious to meet my Angela, and then spend a couple days at Disney World. If you have any doubts as to the value of this web site, put them away and go for it, because you may be as lucky as I was and actually find the most wonderful woman that you could ever imagine.