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Managing Your Search on Russian Love Match

30. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Looking through the profile of each and every lady featured on Russian Love Match would be a daunting task. That is why we provide our members with several helpful tools to help narrow down and more effectively manage their search for a Russian bride.


Here is an overview of just some of those features and how they can enhance your search and help you keep track of your favorite Russian ladies. 


Advanced Search

Unlike some Russian dating sites, allows you to search for a Russian woman you like based on a set of specific criteria. Not only can you search according to a lady’s physical features or age, with our advanced search feature you can specify your ideal lady’s command of English, her zodiac sign, her home country, her religion, and numerous other factors. This feature allows you to significantly narrow your search to a handful of ladies, rather than having to sort through thousands of ladies who use


Organization Folders helps you organize and keep track of the ladies you like most with folders for your Favorites, Matches, and Admirers. You can place any lady you like in your favorites folder in order to easily keep track of her profile. If she also adds you to her own favorites list, she will appear in your Matches folder. Ladies not included in your favorites who indicate they are interested in you will appear in your Admirers folder.


Black Book and E-mail Blocking

The Black Book is one of the easiest ways to organize your favorite Russian ladies into one easily accessible location. With the Black Book, you can easily keep track of correspondence with specific ladies as well as gift purchases, chat transcripts, intimacy requests, etc.


A common concern we hear from new members of the site has to do with the number of e-mails they initially receive from the ladies. These introductory e-mails give you a glimpse of what each lady is like and allow you to easily determine whether she is a lady you would like to get to know.


If you read an e-mail from a lady and decide that you are not interested, simply click the link to block located above the text of her e-mail. You can also unblock a lady you have blocked previously by selecting “My Block List” under the dropdown menu called “Show Me,” and clicking the link that reads “Click to Unblock” in the lady’s profile.

Each of these along with Russian Love Match's other features - including video streaming, live chat, etc. - are designed to give you an online dating experience that is both efficient and enjoyable. Sign up for a premium membership today to see what it's all about