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Make the Most of Chat

7. October 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Why waste time and money when you don't have to? Here are a few tips to help members make the most of's convenient chat features. 


Experience the Instant Benefits of Chat

Many members of Russisan Love Match, both male and female, prefer chat to email because it offers immediate results. With email, gentlemen may write a message and then wait days, or even weeks, for a reply. However, with live chat gentlemen can receive instant answers to their questions as well as view a lady's reaction, be it a smile, laugh, or blush (assuming she’s streaming video). A gentleman could theoretically learn more about a Russian woman in one video streaming session than several email exchanges. Live chat also allows men to chat with more than one lady at a time. For these reasons, live chat is a fun and efficient way for gentlemen to find love on our site.


Enjoy Economical Chat

Want to chat cheaper? Premium members, those with a Gold, Silver, or Platinum membership, receive a 50% discount on instant messaging and live video streaming, plus other perks like free introduction and follow-up emails, more profile photos, gift shop discounts, and more. Russian Love Match also runs special promotions from time to time, offering free credits which men can use for chat. Frequent this blog for information about upcoming events and promotions.

Though there is nothing wrong with email, many gentlemen find chat to be a more efficient (and fun) use of time. Make the most of your Russian dating experience by chatting up promising matches, becoming a Premium member, and taking advantage of special discounts and promotions. Good luck!