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Make It a Special Holiday Season - Send Her a Gift

17. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Anytime is a good time to send your Russian bride a gift. But in the holiday season, there really is no better time to send her something to show that you care. And makes it very easy to do so. Our gifts feature allows you to purchase from a variety of gifts and even schedule a specific time for delivery to your Russian sweetheart. 


How to Purchase

In order to send a gift to one of our beautiful Russian ladies, you must first add her to your Gift List. To do this, click the giftbox icon on the lady’s profile to be brought to the gift page. Once there, you will see the list of gifts as well as your gift box, which detail the gifts you have purchased and sent to each lady. Browse through the list to learn more about each before determining which one your Russian lady would like best. When you make your decision, simply click on the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the gift’s description to add it to your basket, then click “continue purchase” to buy and send the gift.


An Assortment to Choose From

Looking through the list of available gifts, you will likely find one to go with any occasion. Flower arrangements are always a good choice, as are candy, soft toys, and jewelry. If you want to give your Russian bride something that can enhance the relationship for the both of you, our gift list includes a set of English lessons, which teach her to speak your language in a three-month course for three-days per week. Other items include perfume, a cosmetic kit, and a spa certificate.


When Will My Russian Bride Receive My Gift?

Gifts take approximately 3-5 business days for delivery. Once your Russian bride receives the gift you send her, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you want to see her receive the gift via our video streaming feature, simply ask her when she will be online in the next few days, then tell her you would love to see her receive the item you sent her. She can then coordinate with her marriage agency to arrange her receipt of the gift at a given time. Read more about personalizing your gift here.


Even when the Christmas season has come and gone, you can still send your Russian lady something special anytime. The store is always open. Become a member today to make your lady's holiday season one she won't forget.