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Looking to Get Married Sooner? Join an Online Dating Website!

17. February 2010 by Administrator 0 Comments

Many people believe that singles on online dating Websites are not there for meaningful relationships. However, a recent study shows that the opposite may be true. According to researchers at Iowa State University, the courtship for couples who met though an online dating Website lasts around 18.5 months. Couples who met offline have longer courtships, usually lasting 42 months. Shorter courtships indicate the many people on online dating sites are more passionate, willing to commit and that they are more open to new experiences.

These numbers include people from all types of dating sites, and we can venture to guess, that the courtship is much shorter on Russian dating Websites. However, it is becoming more common for people to take their time to get to know each other via email and video chat, before making any commitments.

While everyone has a different reason for joining, many of our male and female members are on the site to find a long-term relationship. The prospect of finding your soul mate halfway across the world is every alluring to both sides.

In our experience, the biggest hurdle to bringing a relationship to fruition on is a gentleman having unrealistic expectations of the ladies on the site. Because there is a misconception that “Russian bride” sites are mail order bride catalogs, men join RussianLoveMatch thinking they can pick a woman and have her sent to him to do as he pleases. What they don’t realize is that RLM is a living, dynamic dating social network and that people who don’t play games or dwell on mistrust actually get wonderful results, while people that doubt the process generally are disappointed.

The truth is that you can only make up your mind based on your own experiences. It can also be impossible to form an unbiased opinion if you get hung up on outliers and unlikely events (like getting scammed). We invite you to join and try the site for free. If you don’t like the experience, cancel anytime.