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Lipki Park: Place for Serene Strolls in Saratov

3. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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The oldest park in Saratov was established in the summer of 1824. It had several different names, such as Alexander Boulevard and Urban Boulevard, before Lipki Park became the official name in 1876. Over 1,000 linden trees were planted in the park which is why the name lipki was chosen.


In addition to lindens, the park has hundreds more types of trees and bushes. Shady lanes lined with vintage lampposts wind all throughout, making it a perfect location for romantic evening strolls with your favorite Russian brides.


In 1995, a presidential decree honored Lipki Park by adding it to the list of objects of historical and cultural heritage of federal importance. Make sure to include this notable Saratov landmark during your next Russian vacation.


Saratov State Conservatory sits outside the Lipki Park entrance

Lipki Park fountain

Lipki Park, Saratov, Russia

Monument of Pushkin in Lipki Park