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Learn Russian: Week Three

8. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

How you doin’? This week’s Russian lesson will allow you to continue the conversations you were able to start with last week’s knowledge. Learn how to ask how your favorite Russian lady is today, and also answer the questions when she asks you.


Each week, we share a few basic Russian phrases with you and a few Cyrillic characters so you can begin sounding things out for yourself.


All phrases are shown first in Cyrillic, then their Latin alphabet transliteration, and finally phonetically. 


Need to catch up? The first Russian lesson is here and the second is here.


Как дела?
Kak dela?
(Kahk dee-lah)
How are you?
Tip: really means “How are things?” in Russian! 

Tip: typically used instead of “Wonderful” or “Great!”

Tip: can be used as “okay” in other situations, as well.

Tip: can be used to mean “nothing” in general use.

Not bad
Tip: a neutral answer. If you are having a bad day, use “plokho” by itself.


Did you know: Russian is part of the East Slavic group of Slavic languages. The other languages in that group are Ukrainian and Belarusian.