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Learn Russian - Talking About Pets

9. July 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

One of the many things you and your Ukrainian sweetheart may have in common is a love of cats or dogs. When we surveyed HRB members, a huge majority (84%) of the ladies said that they’d like a cat or dog. And, Ukraine is one of the top ten countries for cat-owners, with over 7 million cats as pets. (The US is number one, with over 76 million pet cats in residence.) 


Do you have a pet? This week’s Russian vocabulary lesson will help you and your favorite Ukrainian or Russian lady talk about the four-legged friends in your lives.


Do you have any pets?

Есть ли у вас домашние животные?


I have a cat.

У меня есть кот.


I have a dog.

У меня есть собака.


I like to take my dog to the park.

Я люблю гулять со своей собакой в парке.


My cat is very playful.

Моя кошка очень игривая.


I have a very smart dog.

Моя собака очень умная.


I do not have any pets.

У меня нет домашних животных.