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Learn Russian - Talk About the Weather

24. July 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

No matter where you are or who you are with, the weather is an easy topic of conversation. Plus, having a few weather-related phrases under your belt is helpful when you are getting around and staying comfortable in a strange place.


Learn the weather-related phrases below to stay prepared during your trip to Russia or Ukraine and to be a perfect gentleman while doing it:


The seasons:

Spring: Весна

Summer: Лето

Autumn: Осень

Winter: Зима


Conversational phrases:


What’s the weather like today?

Какая сегодня погода?


It is hot out today.

Сегодня жарко.


It is cold today.

Сегодня холодно.


Is it going to rain?

Будет ли дождь?


Where can I buy an umbrella?

Где я могу купить зонтик?


Can I lend you my jacket?

Могу ли я одолжить вам мой пиджак?


It is windy today.

Сегодня ветрено.


The weather is good today.

Сегодня хорошая погода.