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Language Lessons on Russian Love Match - Week 2

1. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Get closer to your Russian bride by learning some of her native language.


Each week in your Russian Love Match language lessons, we share a few basic Russian phrases with you and a few Cyrillic characters so you can begin sounding things out for yourself.


All phrases are shown first in Cyrillic, then their Latin alphabet transliteration, and finally phonetically. 


You can check out last week’s lesson here.


In no time at all, you’ll have the ability to have short conversations with that special lady in her native tongue. In this lesson, we introduce you to a few more Cyrillic characters and a few phrases to greet a Russian lady:







Tip: This is the formal greeting. It is used when you do not know someone well, and always used when greeting multiple people.






Tip: This is a casual greeting appropriate when you know the person well.


Доброе утро

Dobroye utro

(dohb-rah-ee ooht-rah)

Good morning!

Tip: Unlike in English, this cannot be shortened to “Morning!”


Добрый день

Dobryy denʹ

(Dohb-riy dyehn)

Good afternoon

Tip: This greeting is used from noon until dusk.


Добрый вечер

Dobryy vecher

(dohb-riy vye-cheer)

Good evening

Tip: this is only used as a greeting, never as parting words.


Did you know: Russian is the 4th most commonly spoken language on the planet, after Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish.