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July 14th: Russian Name Day for Angelinas! (Pics!)

14. July 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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July 14th is the Russian name day for ladies named Angelina, so we're celebrating the beautiful Russian brides who share this name, as well as adorable Angelas!


The name Angelina is Greek in origin and was derived from the name Angelis, which then became Angela. Russian ladies often spell them as Anzhelina and Anzhela!


A famous Russian woman who shared this name was painter and sculptor Angelina Beloff. She was born in St. Petersburg in 1879, but after marrying Mexican artist Diego Rivera, she worked mostly in Mexico.


While Angela and Angelina are not very common names for Russian and Ukrainian girls, there are several single ladies right here that you can introduce yourself to! Just click on a photo to view her profile and don't forget to wish her a happy name day!


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