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It's Impossible to Reply to Every Lady

10. February 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

When a man first joins RussianLoveMatch he may receive a vast amount of unsolicited email from the Russian ladies on our site. While the email volume may seem strange or suspicious, the truth is that there a lot of women on and many ladies are drawn to the "new members" listing. Some gentlemen feel obligated to respond to each and every email they receive, but this is not a method we recommend. Here's why.

A gentleman can’t possibly respond to every woman who contacts him on There are simply too many ladies. For example, if 10,000 Russian and Ukrainian women were online and just 1% of these women attempted to contact a member, he will receive close to 100 emails in a single day! In fact, many new members find themselves in this exact situation. Therefore, it’s important for gentlemen to limit their communication to women who meet their dating criteria.

Before a gentleman searches RussianLoveMatch for women to court, he should first determine what kind of woman he wants to meet. It may seem obvious, but many gentlemen make the mistake of launching their search for love without knowing what they’re looking for. Once a member has list of general qualities he desires in a mate, he should then focus on contacting and courting women who meet this criteria. That’s not to say a man can’t ever deviate from his preferred template, but he should make an effort to steer clear of incompatible women.


The ladies understand that gentlemen cannot respond to every email they receive and most ladies do not expect to hear back from every member they contact. If a gentleman receives an unsolicited email from a lady who does not interest him, he should not hesitate to delete the message and move on. Chances are, the lady's feelings will not be hurt and both parties will have more time to pursue compatible matches.